● Insurance Coverage / Consultation
● Total Loss Insurance Claim Disputes
● Diminished Value Claim Disputes
● Insurance Claim Umpire Services
● Loan Collateral     ● Surety Bond
● Consumer Resale
● Pre-Purchase Inspections
● Marriage Dissolution
● Estate Settlements / Probate
● Estate Planning / Consultation
● Bankruptcy Action
● Early Lease Termination
● Business Dissolution
● Tax Deductible Charitable Donations
● Litigation Support
● Expert Witness Testimony
There is currently no professional licensing or certification required of personal property appraisers and there is no state or federal government testing or standards required for the personal property appraisal profession.  You must find an appraiser who has established expertise in their chosen field and who has taken it upon themselves to seek out the necessary professional training in personal property appraisal principles, theory, ethics, law and procedures in order to provide their clients with the highest quality service.  HAROLD CAMP has done all those things and more.  In addition to his extensive background and experience in the collector car market, he has personal property appraisal training through one of the leading personal property appraisal societies in the country and he adheres to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as set forth by The Appraisal Foundation, Washington, D.C. The USPAP provides the rules and methodology to guide the professional appraiser in a diligent and competent manner.

● Professional, courteous & comprehensive service.
● A thorough personal inspection of the vehicle(s) appraised.
● A formally written appraisal document issued to the client 
    including the following information; 
 1) A cover document explaining the purpose and assigned use.
 2) Methodology & resources relied upon.
 3) Market analysis & the markets selected.
 4) Defined value conclusion(s) related to a particular
     valuation/effective date.
 5) An adequate description of the vehicle(s) appraised
     including photographs.
 6) The Appraiser’s signature.
 7) Appraiser’s Certification of the Appraisal.
 8) Terms & Conditions of the Appraisal.
 9) The Appraiser’s qualifications. 
        10) Appraisal Glossary.
● The Appraiser is capable & willing to defend their appraisal in   
    court, if needed.
● Appraisal fees are based on a flat fee or hourly rate (not based 
    on the value of your car) plus any applicable travel expenses.
● The Appraiser maintains Appraiser/Client confidentiality.
● The Appraiser is USPAP compliant.
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